How do I add Teams to raise money?

How do I add Teams to raise money?

Teams compete to raise money for a charity. The goal of each team is to raise as much money as possible and top the leaderboard for a charitable event. Teams can only exist on event pages. 

Creating teams:

Click to enable teams in the charity section of event set up. Creating teams as an event leader is optional. You can add teams as the leader, or others can create teams by clicking "Create a Team" on the event dashboard page. 

Teams can sell tickets, personalize their own page, and invite friends to support and compete to top the leaderboard. Supporters can donate or purchase tickets to an event by clicking on the team from the event page. All donations and ticket transactions will be credited to the team you have chosen to support, then flow directly up to the charity represented at the event. You can also contribute to teams by donating to an event, then selecting the team you would like to support. Teams will get credit for ticket sales. 

If you are a team leader trying to track who sold the most tickets or collected the most money, turn Teams on.  Each team is provided a customized link that they can send to invite friends to support them.  

Team leaders can set the minimum amount raised, which will become the team's minimum goal. The event leaders can set a minimum goal for every team, but each team can set an individual higher goal if they would like.

Clicking on a team on an event page will take you to a popup similar to the one shown in the image below. You can click to attend or donate to a team. Click Edit Team to edit information such as name, description and minimum goal. (only the person who created the team can see "Edit Team")

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