How do I know where my money is going?

How do I know where my money is going?  

Every charity must be verified via EIN and tax determination letter before their account is active.  All charities visible on Cherryfish have been verified.

All ticket fees and donations are transferred directly to the charity's bank account.  This includes transactions directly with the charity, their pages or any events benefitting that charity. When a user submits a transaction, their credit card is immediately charged and transfer begins to the charity's account.

Stripe-processes your payment and takes a very small percentage off your donation for its processing fees. 

You can always contact someone at the nonprofit to confirm they have received the money after it has been processed.  It will take at least 2 days before it is deposited into their bank account.

Here are some details on how your money will be spent:

1. Cherryfish ensures the money goes directly into a verified charity's bank account 2. From there, it is up to the charity to spend the money in a responsible manner 3. If you are giving money for a specific purpose and want to ensure it is spent the way you intend it to be, contact the charity directly 4. Donations to particular pages do not ensure that the funds are automatically routed to that page.  All funds are deposited into a single, verified bank account and may be distributed from there by the nonprofit.  5. It is our hope that through regular, efficient updates through Cherryfish, you will be able to witness and judge how effectively your contributions are being utilized.  You can see this through the posts that are being made as well as quickly signing up to volunteer for various activities.

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