How do I create an event?

How do I create an event?  

To create your event, select 'Start Event' located underneath your name and banner. 

Fill out basic event details in each section of the Set Up page and click save. Then click on each section of Event Set Up to complete your event, filling in all required fields.

Guide to each section of Event Set Up:

Event Details: On this page, you can enter basic event details such as the Event Title, Event Description and Event Custom URL.

Sell Tickets and Sponsorships: Here, you can set up tickets, packages and sponsorships. How do I set up tickets and packages?

Collect Donations: Create custom donation levels and donation designations. Donation levels allow users to select from different amounts of donations they can make. Donation designations are groups within your charity that others can make their donation to. Charities are responsible for making sure donations go to their appropriate designation. Last, add a personalized message on the donation receipt others will receive after they make a donation. 

Coordinate Volunteers: Add volunteer roles and optional time slots.

Host Auction: Click to enable your auction, set auction time and add items to bid on.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraiing: Click button to enable Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. Then choose what type of peer-to-peer engagement you would like to enable. 

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