How do I set up tickets and packages?

How do I set up tickets and packages?

Tickets are the unique goods or services that are included in a package. Tickets cannot be sold, only packages.

To access ticket and package setup, begin by creating an event. You can do this by clicking the "Start Event" button from your home/dashboard page. From there, click the tab titled, "Sell Tickets and Sponsorships."

Create Packages

Click "Create a New Registration Form." Then select the button labeled, "Add new package."

Only packages can be sold. You may include one or more tickets in each package, then sell the package. For example: A golf outing may include a Single's Package that includes 118-hole golf ticket, 2 drink tickets, and 1 buffet ticket. 

Fill out package details in the corresponding fields. Add the name, description, price, and quantity limit for this package. If you are creating a sponsor package, select the circle titled, "This is a Sponsor package."

Next, select "Setup Tickets" to add tickets to the package you created. 

Create Tickets:
After clicking "Setup Tickets," fill out the name and details of your first ticket. Include the estimated value of your ticket and the limit of tickets sold. 

Click "Next."

Add more tickets in the fields below the first ticket you created. Set an estimated value and limit for each ticket. 

When completed, the package and tickets you created will appear as shown in the example below. Set the amount of each ticket you would like in this package by entering a number next to each ticket. 

Click "Save" when finished.

You may add any additional packages at any time in the "Sell Tickets and Sponsorships tab."

Recognize Sponsors
Display sponsor logos directly on your event profile. Break them up into tiers to recognize different commitments. Add each logo below in the corresponding tier. Users who purchase sponsor packages have the opportunity to upload their own logo, which will be automatically added here.

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