What does it cost for membership as a charity?

What does it cost for membership as a charity? 

Cherryfish has different pricing options based upon your charity's needs, the complexity of your charity's fundraising activities and the level of support you want. 

Select the Cherryfish package which is best for you. If you do not expect to have many transactions and will not need assistance from Cherryfish, the Do It Yourself plan may be best - there are no up-front costs and no support from Cherryfish - you also will not have access to Crowdfunding tools.  Most charities will benefit from Cherryfish support (setting up home page, events, Pages, training of staff, etc.)  There is a $600 up front cost which covers support and access to all Crowdfunding tools.  If your charity is more complex or you will have a large number of transactions, please work with Cherryfish to determine the ideal mix of up front fees and variable fees.

Cherryfish gives donors the option of paying fees - since introducing more than 75% of donations have covered their fees, making the transaction completely free to the charity.

See the image below to determine your charity's membership plan with Cherryfish:

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