Registering as a Charity

How do I register as a charity?  

Registering takes only a few minutes for most organizations:

1. Go to

2. Click on Charity Sign Up in the "Sign In" pop up

3. Click "BEGIN"

4. Input your EIN - if you are covered by a group exemption (many religious institutions or national affiliates are), then your EIN may not be in the IRS database which is used to validate charities by Cherryfish.  If applicable, please email your EIN and organization name to  Cherryfish will manually validate your information and will add your EIN to the database.  This usually takes 1 day to input.  After this, you can return to Step 3.

5. Upload a copy of your tax determination letter

6. Designate the charity admin.  The admin will be responsible for all activities on Cherryfish including designating leaders of events and Pages.  The admin will need to register as an individual on Cherryfish if they have not done so already.

7. Select the Cherryfish package which is best for you.  Contact us at if you have questions about pricing.

8. Input Mission Statement, Description of Organization and add main phone number.  This info can be added later if you prefer.

9. Set up your Stripe banking information so that funds can be deposited into your account generally within 72 hours of donation.  Cherryfish does not have access to your banking information.

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